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Turn-key Product Development

PSN Labs is an ISO 9001:2016 certified engineering services organization offering customized solutions under the full life cycle of a product. We operate three separate business units that are structured to work seamlessly together to avoid common pitfalls of contracting with multiple suppliers for the same product. Combining these three main areas allows us to assist clients in any and all phase of product development from start to finish, or at any singular point in the process.

Our team includes high level engineers with a multitude of disciplines (mechanical, plastics, biomedical, and design, just to name a few), Material Scientists, Chemists, Biologists, Toxicologists, and other disciplines within the fields of science. Many of our engineers and scientists are recognized as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in their field.

The depth and breath of PSN Lab’s services is unmatched in the industries which we service. We are truly your full-service development partner.

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Innovation All Within One Facility

Our focus is supplying best in-class engineering services with one goal in mind - our clients’ success.

Engineering Services

Our Engineers expertly guide the design and development process of your product using several best-in-class CAD packages, equipped to design products ranging in size from microscopic parts of a medical device to 1,500-ton dredges. Our simulation programs allow you to see your product in the manufacturing stage before reaching the prototype build, which can often save you money in the process.

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Testing Laboratory

Any lab can provide data. When you test with PSN, you will get accurate results every single time, as well as a sound explanation of what the results mean to your product and application. Our lab is fully equipped to handle all your testing needs and you will see how we go above and beyond the standard labs.

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Production Laboratory

PSN Labs offers a full-service approach that enable us to produce live results of the engineering modules. When it comes to material selection and production, our engineers and scientists are expertly positioned to produce prototypes or final products with considerations of its purpose, environment, application, and in the case of many medical products, biocompatibility requirements.

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Community Focused

One of our organizational goals is to not only help our clients but also our surrounding community.


Erie Children’s Museum

Erie Zoo

PSN Labs Scholarship Fund

Erie City Mission


Second Harvest Food Bank

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