Design and Development 

With our Engineering Design Center, Material Testing Lab, and Processing Lab interconnected in the same facility, we are uniquely positioned and equipped to provide a full-service approach to your developmental needs. We offer sound research and are able to provide candid feedback with realistic solutions for your design and development.

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Customized Material Solutions

Our material scientists and engineers on staff have extensive knowledge of material properties and how they relate to specific applications. Choosing the ideal material for your application/environment saves time, money and your reputation.

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Material Processing Lab

The diverse capabilities in our processing lab and breadth of knowledge in materials, enables us to provide you with a variety of usable shapes from prototyping to production needs.

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Testing Laboratory 

We operate a State-of-the-Art, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Testing Laboratory, equipped to support all of your material and product testing needs. Our lab operates as a stand-alone service, as well as being integrated into our full spectrum of engineering services.

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Engineering Support 

Many of our clients rely on us to be their engineering department. We have the staff and capacity to offer flexible arrangements built around your business’ needs.

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