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Experience in science and engineering

Our core team of scientists and engineers have an average of 20 years’ experience in a variety of disciplines.  Each team member works within one of our three business areas but will frequently work along-side members in one or both of our other two business areas.  This service model has allowed us to save our clients significant time, cost, and troubleshooting efforts that come with using multiple vendors, who are often disconnected from the “big” picture.

When calling PSN, you will talk directly to your project manager and receive accurate feedback about your project and the phase it is in.

Michael Alabran

Michael Alabran, President  


Matthew Heidecker

Matthew Heidecker, PhD, Vice President  

Tera Alabran

Tera Alabran, Director of Operations  

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Dan Ament, Mechanical Engineer  

Matt Baker

Matt Baker, Senior Plastics Engineer  

Laura Beringer

Laura Beringer, PhD, Senior Toxicologist  

Jason Bryant

Jason Bryant, PE, Senior Engineer  

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Mark Burchnall, P.E., Engineering Director  

Timothy Camp

Timothy Camp, Toolmaker and Machinist

Shawn Carpenter

Shawn Carpenter, Engineering Technician

Ben Ellis

Ben Ellis, Processing Director  

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Fred Estera, Senior Design Engineer  

Bobbi Heisler R

Bobbie Heisler, Testing Laboratory Manager 

paul 1

Paul Koch, PhD, Principal Expert Witness

Dave Kucharski

David Kucharski, Maintenance Technician

Tiff Kucharski

Tiffany Kucharski, Office Manager

Bill Moret

Bill Moret, Biocompatibility Program Manager

AJ Oblinski

AJ Oblinski, Analytical Chemist  

Nick O

Nick Olszewski, Analytical Chemist

Yudesh Payagala

Yudesh Payagala, Analytical Chemist   

Brianna Rathburn

Brianna Rathbun, Polymer Engineer  

jarrod rathbun

Jarrod Rathbun, Process Engineer  

Eric Rhodes

Eric Rhodes, Testing Lab Technician

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Natalie Rumball, PhD, Staff Scientist  

Rigwed Tatu

Rigwed Tatu, PhD, Biomedical Engineer  

Lia Totleben

Lia Totleben, Analytical Chemist  


Jacob VallimontAnalytical Chemist


Katy Vallimont, Lab Technician


Mark Walters, Processing Lab Technician

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Brian Young, Senior Engineer


Jordan Yost, Mechanical Engineer  


Perry Johnson Cert