Capillary Rheometer

Capillary Rheometer

Capillary Rheometry is a rheometric material characterization technique that is used to determine the viscosity of a material at different shear rates. This technique is useful in modeling the processing of polymers as it can reach shear rates similar to those produced in an injection molding machine.

Conventional Standards:

ASTM D3835-16, ISO 11443

ASTM D3835-16

This standard provides a testing method for determining the rheological properties of materials at different temperatures and shear rates. These properties include melt viscosity, melt density, sensitivity, die swell, and viscosity stability during extrusion. Because polymer processing is very sensitive to changes in material composition and polymer molecular weight, capillary rheometry data is useful for predicting processing conditions.

Testing Specimens and Geometry:

Specimens can range from powders to pellets to strips of film small enough to be placed in the bore of the capillary.


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